APM DB migration from Postgres to Oracle?

Discussion created by kt1234 on Nov 16, 2016
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Hi There,


We are trying to migrate the APM DB from Postgres to Oracle. We are currently on version 10.1. The Documentation has instructions on this one and says the following command, migration.sh needs to be run.

Run the migration.bat or migration.sh script as appropriate for your operating environment using the following arguments:

migration -srcDatabaseName <database_name> -srcDatabaseType <database_type> -srcHost <hostname> -srcPort <port_number>  -srcUser <username> -srcPassword <password> -tgtDatabaseName <datatargetname> -tgtDatabaseType <database_type> -tgtHost <hostname> -tgtPort <port_number> -tgtUser <username> -tgtPassword <password>


Has anyone been in this situation before and tried the above method? I hear that there are a lot of complications when we take this route. What would be the right approach? Thanks for the help in advance.