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Using ca_fdGetSelections

Question asked by stephen.thurman on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by stephen.thurman

I am trying to populate a text field based off of text entries and drop down selections, but things aren't working they way I thought they should.


My code looks a bit like this -

  description: function() {

      var one = ca_fdGetSelections(ca_fd.formId, 'one')[0].label;

      var two = ca_fdGetSelections(ca_fd.formId, 'two')[0].label;


      var order = "TEXT HERE" + "\n\n";

      order += "Name: " + one + "\n";

       order += "Name: " + two + "\n";


      ca_fdSetTextFieldValue(ca_fd.formId, 'order', order);



Now... one and two are both dropdowns (select fields) with their onChange’s set to this function.


The problem I am having is that you have to select  BOTH dropdowns in order for “order” to get populated. Do you know why that is? It doesn’t work that way with text fields…