ICYMI: Setting New Standards in Threat Detection, Breach Prevention and IDaaS for Hybrid IT Environments

Discussion created by kristen.palazzolo Employee on Nov 17, 2016

Yesterday at CA World, the security team announced a new behavior analytics solution that integrates with CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM) and  a new, turn-key identity-as-a-service solution, to address identity and access management (IAM) needs for both on-premises and cloud-based applications:

  • CA Threat Analytics for PAM models privileged user behavior and evaluates risk based on factors such as a user location, time and duration of activity, the data being accessed and the user’s track record for security and past behavior. When a breach or threat is detected, the system automatically triggers controls to mitigate risks, such as starting session recording, initiating a stronger authentication procedure or alerting security system and operations.
  • CA Identity Service addresses the need for a modern, hybrid IAM solution – giving businesses the agility to quickly and securely adopt cloud applications and services alongside their on-premises applications controlled by CA Single Sign-On, managing everything from a single launch pad. CA Identity Service balances the demand for security, agility and a positive user experience. (Join the CA Identity Service (IDaaS) Community!)


Learn more about these new releases in the official press release.