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Could not resolve style(s): error when try to run Out of Box CASDM reports

Question asked by PLaxmaR on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by PLaxmaR

I am in Jasperserver 6.2 and CASDM 14.1. Deployed out of box CASDM reports and followed all the steps as per documentation. When I try to run 'user authentication for SDM' report, I see this error -> Could not resolve style(s): RefreshTime, GeneratedBy, Report_Page_Header. The input control SAVE was success here.

After that, tried to run couple of reports from Incident reports and Request reports, reported similar errors like below - 

Could not resolve style(s): TableHeader-Frame, TableHeader, Report_Page_Header, GroupHeader1-Frame, DetailFrame, RefreshTime, DetailText, ColumnHeader-Frame.
Could not resolve style(s): TableHeader, Report_Page_Header, ColumnHeader-Text, RefreshTime, DetailText, NoDataFound. 
Can you someone help why these errors and how to fix them. I tried these on both Chrome and IE 11.0.