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Struggle for custom changes in registry server while staging a test case or deploying a virtual service

Question asked by Monika Mehta Employee on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2017 by BarunRathi

In most of the organisations, we get only workstataion installed in our remote machine and registry is running on some server where we don't have access. In below scnearios, we struggle alot to make our test cases or Virtual service working.


1. Connecting to DB: Jars to connect different DB may not be present in registry server already. We deploy jars in our local machine, making it work for the connection but when we stage it, we get to know this jar is not present on registry server. Now we need to ask them to DevTest admin team to provide that jar in the server which is really a time taking job. It will go for multiple approvals before providing that jar in the server.


2. Custom Jars: In case of custom filter/assertion or jar for dynamic java execution step, the struggle is huge. That custom jar must be having some dependent libraries. Convincing the admin to deploy that jar is very difficult. If that custom jar wil fail then debugging is trouble and correcting it will take huge amount of time.


3. Changes in properties file: For e.g, we need to modify file to make it enable for SSL services, Raising a request and showing that it won't impact other Devtest Users is huge.


DevTest is amaming tool with lots of option to customize but as an end user I struggle alot to deploy customized solutions it as per my need. There is a huge delay in providing deliverables.


P.S. May be this is me struggling for it. If somebody has already find out the solution, Please help.