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Have Lab operations been deprecated?

Question asked by Rick.Brown Employee on Nov 18, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by Koustubh.Warty

I'm running DevTest 9.5.1, and I'm browsing the available REST calls to investigate some CI automation capabilities. I get an error when using the Invoke operation "http://localhost:1505/api/Dcm/Labs"

The error I get is "com.itko.lisa.invoke.api.exception.ApiException: No longer supported"


I get the same error when I use the operation "http://localhost:1505/api/Dcm/Labs/runnable".


I can't try the other lab operations, because they need a lab-key parameter, provided in the response to the above two calls.


I remember when the concept of Labs was first introduced, in 2010, so we could deploy & manage LISA components in remote cloud instances, provisioned through various cloud providers in a consistent manner (without needing to know the specific command & syntax differences between the providers), but we never made any fuss about it, never marketed it and never published explanations about the capability.


Is this capability now removed? I don't see anything in the API documentation about it being deprecated, I haven't noticed anything about it in release notes for different versions of DevTest, and command-line DevTest tools such as ServiceManager still reference labs.


I don't have any immediate use case for this functionality, but I'm curious as to whether the lab functionality is now something we would push to build & deploy tools, as the facilities provided in those tools have increased over the past 6+ years.