TDM Portal Troubleshooting

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I start this page in order to reference all error message/code you can get with TDM Portal, and what could be the main reason and solution in order to overpass it. Please fill free to complete.


And don't forget : "An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field."

With this kind of table, we can all  become experts ;-)



Call to ConnectionManagerService failed: : 
HttpClientErrorException: 403 Forbidden
if this happen when you use the self service portal and can't get your publish to work. This is linked to the fact that you didn't authorize your user to use this connection profile. For this you should map your user role with the connection(s) profile(s) used by your user (search TDM documentation for "connection profile")
The TCP/IP connection to the host ***, 
port 1433 has failed. 
Error: "connect timed out.
Verify the connection properties. 
Make sure that an instance of SQL Server
is running on the host
and accepting TCP/IP connections at the port. 
Make sure that TCP connections to the port
are not blocked by a firewall.

For sure, you should first check your SQL server connection and Windows/network firewall.

But If you use SQLSERVEREXPRESS, this could be linked also to the fact that is uses dynamic ports by default. 2 ways to solve, easy one is you specify instance and no ports in TDM configuration. more complex one is to configure static port in you SQLEXPRESS configuration manager instead of dynamic ones. cf.

Deferred publish of table *** failed 
because no stored data was found for it

This happens when you try to publish from the portal, one of your publish result table is empty and you have operations in this table that links it to other tables that aren't empty.

This is in the pipe for correction by product management, for the moment, the only solution to is to use the old publish either by using Datamaker directly, or changing configuration of TDM portal to use old publish.

ERROR: Publish failed for job ***, 
Call to ConnectionManagerService failed: :
HttpClientErrorException: 404 Not Found
Create your connection profile(s) (in and out) in the portal and assign it (them) to the user group that is connected to the portal when publishing the data