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SiteMinder, groups and access to Service Catalog offerings

Question asked by Sutot on Nov 18, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by Louis_van_Amelsfort

Hi all,


I'm using groups (global and application) to customize access to catalog offerings (see attachment). If I access without using SiteMinder, it's working out fine.


But when users login to Catalog using SiteMinder, profiling with groups seems to not work out properly. It seems that SiteMinder load last groups configuration, not the real one.


An example to explain:


1. users belong to group A and group B, should access to service offering A and service offering B

- login without SiteMinder -> Ok (user can see offering A and B)

- login with SiteMinder -> Ok (user can see offering A and B)


2. I remove user from group A: now the user should access only to service offering B

- login with SiteMinder -> KO! (user can still access to offering A and B)

- login without SiteMinder -> OK (user can access only offering B)

- login again with SiteMinder -> OK (now user can access only offering B)


There is a way to force SiteMinder to "refresh" the list of groups which user belongs?


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