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CA Service Management Installation Error

Question asked by diegolimabsb on Nov 18, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by diegolimabsb

Hey guys, im in trouble!

Im installing a new envoriment with CAEEM, CA SDM and CA Service Catalog, but for some reason the installation stops between 41 and 43% on the CA Service Desk Manager configuration step.

I try to deinstall the service desk, restarted the server and tried to install again without success... =/

In some moments appears that image:



So now, theres no error, but the installation stops on the 41% and stay there forever... (At this moment it is already at 41% for more than four hours...)


I let the installation progress yesterday and today in the morning still on the 41% with no one message of error, just stopped on 43% on the CA Service Desk Manager configuration step.


The stdlog file does not show any error messages.


The install.log shows in the last lines:


11-18,12:04:49 INFO - MDBTools_0116I - Reconciling the database with the MDB schema information
11-18,12:04:55 INFO - MDBTools_0321I - Reconciliation found 0 objects
11-18,12:04:55 INFO - MDBTools_0311I - DBDriver successfully installed.
11-18,12:04:55 INFO - MDBTools_0330I - Searching for dependent objects to install.
11-18,12:04:55 INFO - MDBTools_0332I - Completed installation of dependent objects.
11-18,12:04:55 INFO - MDBTools_0104I - Total time: 0H:0M:7S.
11-18,12:04:55 Executing post-process: "C:\Users\SERVIC~1\AppData\Local\Temp\\casm\mssql\setupmdb_post.bat"
11-18,12:04:57 Created the mdb signature
11-18,12:04:57 Setupmdb_post exit /B return code=0
11-18,12:04:57 Updating the MDB Common Component Directory
11-18,12:04:57 Copying the MDB resources to 'C:\Program Files\CA\SC\Mdb\Windows'
11-18,12:05:01 MDB setup completed successfully


Can anyone help?


I see this link CA Service Desk Manager 14.1 installation  but I do not know if it's the same problem!@