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SMOBImport and XPSExport

Question asked by DanishA on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by DanishA

I am trying to import a domain and its base objects from our dev environment to test environment.  Both target and source SMPS(Version: 12.0; Update: 03.12; Build: 911; CR: 12) are running on windows 2008. Policy Store/Key Store  Oracle 11g 

I ran SMOBJIMPORT (Exported file size 6 MB took almost 2 hours to export), I let the import run for almost 9 hours, but  it never finished. I killed it manually it should not take that long to import 6 MB file.

Now, I am using XPSImport (I took XPS export as well for that particular domain and associated objects) 

Here is the of exported items for that domain:


When I used the xpsimport command with a wrong passphrase; it took 10 minutes before it signaled for the wrong passphrase. Here is the log: (Check Blue)

[4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:45:13][SmEventTrap.cpp:380][INFO] Initializing event handler 'd:\CA\siteminder\bin\XPSAudit.dll'
[4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:45:13][SmObjStore.cpp:1268][INFO] Initializing Global Domain ID
[4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:45:13][SmObjStore.cpp:1307][INFO] BulkFetch policy store
[4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:45:13][SmObjCache.cpp:235][INFO] Preloading policy store cache
[4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:45:13][SmObjCache.cpp:254][INFO] Precaching system configuration objects
[4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][SmObjCache.cpp:466][INFO] Precaching each Policy Domain
[4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][PolicyCache.cpp:1211][INFO] Building policy cache ...
[4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][PolicyCache.cpp:1304][INFO] Building policy cache done
[4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][SmObjStore.cpp:1319][INFO] BulkRelease policy store
[4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][SmObjStore.cpp:1357][INFO] Object store initialized
[4700/892][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][SmObjStore.cpp:978][INFO] Starting object store journal thread
[4700/4360][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][SmObjStore.cpp:470][INFO] Object store journal thread started
[4700/4360][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][SmObjStore.cpp:471][INFO] Journal commands refresh interval is 60 second(s)
[4700/4360][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][SmObjStore.cpp:472][INFO] Server command synchronization delta is 0 second(s)
[4700/4360][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][SmObjStore.cpp:473][INFO] Secondary cache failure timeout is 0 second(s)
[4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][CA.XPS:EDIT0056][INFO] No validation warnings will be logged (controlled by CA.XPS::$LogValidationWarnings).
[4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][CA.XPS:IMP0079][ERROR] Invalid Passphrase.
[4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][CA.XPS:XPSSTOP1][INFO] Shutting down XPS..




Is this normal behavior. How can i verify if the connection with policy store is upto the speed?