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Problem with customization in employee form

Question asked by FelipeVACS on Nov 21, 2016

Hello everyone,

I maked a customization that shows a popup on the screen when exist a ticket active with same category and configuration item selected.

It's works fine for detail_in and and detail_cr of analyst form, but not work for employee form. (detai_in and detail_cr).

in attachment the used files on customization:


File path:


  • cr_ops.js
  • in_ops.js



  • z_count.spl
  • op_custom.cfg


Analyst forms: (It's works fine)

  • detail_in.htmpl
  • detai_cr.htmpl


Employee forms:

  • detail_in.htmpl
  • detail_cr.htmpl


What's happening with employee forms ?