Perl UIM framework

Discussion created by Thomas GENTILHOMME Champion on Nov 21, 2016
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I'm working on CA UIM since junuary 2016. I created a perl framework for my perl probes and i want to share my work with the community. 


It's not a very big framework, but i think it's a good base for all people who want to code perl probes. I'm going to work on the documentation, and review all methods (clean up of return code, etc..).


Feel free to pull-request correction or class idea (maybe you already code something on your side ?).


GitHub - fraxken/perluim: CA UIM perl object-oriented framework 


Main features : 

- log class (my own log edition, the sdk log is broken -_-...). 

- hubs / robots / probes callback ( a lot of work on this side ).

- some class for pds (packages,alarms,adejob)..

- nimdate (Parser for nimsoft date) => Use time piece to find difference in seconds.

- ump (minor class to manage a pool of ump).


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