Tech Tip: CA IDMS PRINT SPACE reporting impossible statistics

Discussion created by baije01 Employee on Nov 22, 2016



It is possible that PRINT SPACE will work but report figures that can't possibly be correct


For example:

-Total Space Allocated                             3,919,440,000
 Total Space Available            (Percent)        4,677,708,928    (119.34%)
 Total Reserved Space Available   (Percent)                    0    (  0.00%)
 Total Unreserved Space Available (Percent)        4,677,708,928    (119.34%)



The ORIGINAL PAGE SIZE clause for the area is missing or incorrect.



Correct the ORIGINAL PAGE SIZE clause.

If an area has had its page size increased by the EXPAND PAGE utility, the original page size must be defined in the area with the ORIGINAL PAGE SIZE clause.

If this is missing from such an area or if it is incorrect, this problem can occur in PRINT SPACE.


Note that the problem will only occur if the FULL option is used. Without the FULL option, this situation will result in DB002701 SMP/SMI mismatch error.


Additional Information:

If there is any doubt about what a particular area’s ORIGINAL PAGE SIZE should be, see TEC1212275.

For further information, see the following CA IDMS DocOps sections:-