Tech Tip : Can we install Install patches on RedHat kernel where CA Access gateway is running ?

Discussion created by Julien_Nitot Employee on Nov 23, 2016


With a CA Access Gateway / Secure Proxy Server installed on RedHat 6.7, can we install the latest kernel patches ?



If the CA Access Gateway / Secure Proxy Server is certified/supported on the OS we do support latest patches.

From the Siteminder platform Support matrix (eg 12.52SP1)


> We do Support RedHat 6. In your case 6.7

10. Supported with all Red Hat updates. Any problems reported will be fixed on the latest Red Hat update. Security Enhanced Red Hat Linux is supported, please see vendor’s documentation for setup instructions to enable third-party processes (such as SiteMinder) to run on the system.  


KB : TEC1453254