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Unable to use RESTMAN to move service into another folder

Question asked by PhBrand on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2018 by PhBrand

It would seem you can't use RESTMAN call in order to move a service into a different folder.

We tried to dump service, modify "folderId" and then update service, without success.

Error returned by RESTMAN:

   Resource validation failed due to 'INVALID_VALUES' Unable to update service: Folder update not permitted.


Is there another a way to move a service into another folder or did we missed something ?

Digging a little bit at the MySQL statement level shows we could do it using Mysql the following way:


   policyId=select policy_goid from published_service where goid=to_binary('$serviceId')
   update published_service set folder_goid=to_binary('$folderId') where goid=to_binary('$serviceId')
   update policy set folder_goid=to_binary('$folderId') WHERE policy_goid='$policyId'


Is this something that could be supported ?