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Non-profit community asking for a user limit increase

Question asked by ar3_me on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by Conny Postma

Wow... this process is WAY harder than it used to be :-(



My question is simple, and probably not something that is appropriate for a forum, but I tried and could not find any other avenue. Not a good sign... not a good sign at all...


Well, to my question... I asked this in an ongoing e-mail I have been having with Flowdock support:


Hello again Flowdock family!
Our little mission to unite and bring a sense of camaraderie to the Indianapolis Hi-Tech community has reached another peak. We have reached our 150 user limit, and if it is possible would like to increase it again.
By comparison, there is another group trying to do a similar thing, but they use slack... though they have more raw users, we have two advantages. 1, we prune our users frequently... if it looks like a fake account, we delete it. 2, I belong to both, and ours is Significantly more active.
P.S. I know Slack is kind of taking over the world right now... but when it comes to the most effective communication platform for a software team, I still think Flowdock is an order of magnitude better... threads, the way you do the inbox, and just the tags and all fantastic.
--Andrew and the IndyHackers community

On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 3:50 AM, CA Agile Central Customer Support <> wrote:
Hi Andrew,


You are really going strong...
I have changed you to 150 users on your account.


Best Regards,


Conny Postma
CA Flowdock Customer Support


View your case details here:


Case #821330: Re: [Flowdock] Re: Indianapolis Ruby Brigade
Hey Flowdock! We have reached our limit again, and would love an upgrade :-)




On Friday, October 16, 2015, Flowdock Support <> wrote:


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> *Conny Postma* (Flowdock)
> Oct 16, 11:43
> Hi,
> Thanks for your suggestions and kind words, that is really appreciated.
> I have changed your user limit to 100 now.
> And remember if there's a good opportunity, we'd really appreciate any way
> in which you can promote Flowdock. I guess, you do that already...
> Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or comments.
> Best regards
> Conny Postma
> Flowdock Support
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> *ar3*
> Oct 15, 02:14
> This is a follow-up to your previous request #9735
> <> "Re: [Flowdock] Re: Re:
> [Flo..."
> Hello Flowdockers!
> It is me again...once again asking for an account upgrade...we are at 80
> now, and we just signed up our 74th person. I just want to avoid hitting
> the limit, if possible. Not sure how much more we need at the moment, but
> at least 100 if possible?! Pretty please!!
> I do have an unsolicited Product Management observation...
> There are a ton of us that absolutely love Flowdock, even in the
> upsurgence in popularity of Slack. I can say for sure, the IndyHacker goal
> of bringing local tech meetups together in flows under the IndyHackers
> organization has increased exposure. I also went to a conference a couple
> of weeks back that sent out Slack invites for things such as communicating
> about the individual rooms at the conference...for sharing of ideas/notes
> about the presenters, and just general communication throughout. It was a
> big success I thought. There is another group in town that is doing a
> similar thing as what we are trying to do with giving the
> local community a place to call home (their site is better than ours, but
> it can be found here if you are interested:
> ).
> I say all of that to say, I know you have a free tier...but it is based on
> user...if it was instead based on features, like integrations and such,
> with unlimited users, I think it would open you up to things like what we
> do.
> Just a suggestion from a fan!
> Thanks!
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