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CA Service Management Installation (migration) Error - (CA EEM / USS / CA Service Catalog / CA PAM)

Question asked by diegolimabsb on Nov 23, 2016
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First of all, this is the firts time that i have to install so many components of CA Service Management, so I'm sorry if I say something that does not make sense.

This environment already had these components previously installed, integrated and in perfect operation, for contractual reasons the old company left and left only the file mdb.bak for restoration in the new environment.


My difficulty is to install all these components again and restore the database to each of the CA components.


At the first time time, after resolve the error with ca service desk manager configuration step (CA Service Management Installation Error ), I was able to install the applications normally, restore the database in SQL, reconfigure the application (pdm_configure) and then I was able to access the data and see all existing data as well as all the SDM tickets and old data from the CA Service Catalog.


Continuing with the configuration steps of the other solutions I made an attempt to configure CA Process Automation (I regret it) and ended up directing the configuration to the CA SDM database (do not ask me how ...) and once the configuration was completed, all the data from the SDM and the Catalog had been corrupted.


Story summary: I've been trying to reinstall the components for at least three days to get to the first step I've got, SDM, EEM, Catalog, and USS running fine and with the old data available.


In my attempts several errors end up occurring, since errors with the installation of CA Service Catalog:



To erros with SDM configuration:



At this point I was able to access the mdb backup when I was able to install without errors (also without restoring the database).


While writing this topic I was able to install SDM, Catalog, USS and restore the MDB pointing to the new server without several erros, but I still can´t access the CA Service Catalog with the servicedesk user:



I wonder if you've ever faced a similar situation or if you could give me some guidance or best practice to get install all these components also restoring the old data.


Many thanx to all and sorry for the giant question!