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Response is not recorded in VSI due to namespaces present in Response XML

Question asked by k12345 on Nov 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by Kevin.Bowman

Hello ,


I am trying to virtualize a  JMS service using Request- Response pair. My requirement is to create a service which will validate the XML schema of incoming request and on the basis of validation results , response needs to be placed on two different topics like if validation passes then positive response should be passed to PASS topic and if it fails then it should be passed to FAIL topic.


Approach - I created a virtual service using req-resp pairs and configured JMS protocol to receive request and send response on two different channels i.e. PASS and FAIL. After this I followed all the required steps and when i click on Finish . Response body is empty in VSI , this is due to namespaces present in response XML (as Response XML without namespaces is getting recorded).



Can anybody assist here how to resolve this problem in DevTest 9.5.1 , how can we create virtual service with responses having namespaces?


Thanks in advance.