Java Agent OSB BEA-300001 error

Discussion created by Alexandre.Franca on Nov 24, 2016
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Hello all,


Maybe some of you have this experience and can help me.


I have a situation while monitoring a Oracle Service Bus machine in wich only a generic BEA error code is raised on certain services. The exception is:


Transport error (error code=BEA-380001): Error


This service running on OSB is based on SOAP Request X Response and client has designed the envelopes with two exception tags, as following:


<soapenv:Fault> here goes the Business Exception XYZ </soapenv:Fault>
<fault> here goes the BEA-380001 message </fault>


Just the second tag is being reported to Java agent and error section of its metrics.


Can I somehow have the content of <soapenv:Fault> on my exception list of this agent? How to do that?


-->> Environment.
- WebLogic Server
- APM 10.1 (agents and cluster)


Thank you.
Alexandre França