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Converting a stateless transaction to conversation

Question asked by AjayJK01 on Nov 24, 2016

Hi All 


 I have got two webservices getAmount & setAmount respectively, note these are two different services and not two operation of a single services.


As per the application flow when user enter amount value and call the setAmount service it will go and update the database with the new amount value (eg: if already in database the value is 1000 & if user pass 10 then after the service call the database table col value would be updated as 1100). And getAmount would retrieve the amount from the database table.


Based on the customer ID (PK)  which is passed in the service call the value would be uniquely getting pulled from the tables. 


My requirement is to make the virtual getAmount return realistic data based on the virtual setAmount call & continue to do so till the user close the sesssion.


Once I virtualize these two services I will be having two separate services that will running on VSE. So inorder to make this relational I am thinking of merging these two service into one service image and change it from stateless to conversation


My questions is  "is it possible to covert a statefull transaction to conversation -> If yes can you provide steps to achieve this.


I have explored sharemodelemap approach which has provided me a alternative solution and find it promising but I would appreciate if someone can help me answer my question of converting a statefull transaction to conversation.



Appreciate your help