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Custom Field Value Not Showing On Frontend

Question asked by Balram.Deswal on Nov 28, 2016
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Hi Team,


I am using CA SDM 14.1.03 with SQL Server 2008 R2. There is a requirement of a custom field on incident detail page that can take values 0 or 1 or Null. The value that needed to be saved in call_req table custom column should be same as well (0 for 0, 1 for 1 and Null for Null) . For this purpose, I created a customized table and added a column (enum) of Integer data type. I published this table and inserted two records in this table as follows:


id      enum

0        0

1         1


After this, I created a customized column which is SREL to the above table and added this field in the detail incident form (with default value as 0 in detail_in form).


Now when I am creating a new incident, the value 0 is not reflecting on front end (although it is updated in the database and reflecting on list_in form as well). Value 1 is reflected on the front end and backend as well.


Kindly suggest why the value 0 is not reflecting on the detail_in form.


Attaching the screenshots for your reference:


Value 0 appearing in list form:


Value 0 not appearing in detail form (saving in database successfully):


Value 1 appearing in list form:

Value 1 also appearing in detail form:


Thanks & Regards,

Balram Singh Deswal