Different/unstandard probe configurations in new probe versions

Discussion created by ttahkapaa on Nov 28, 2016
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currently there seems to be lots of different ways probes are storing their configs. Here are some examples:

1) oldschool way: everything is stored in probe.cfg. Most of "old" probes configured with IM work this way

2) mixed way: all the normal configurations are stored to probe.cfg, then new features are in other places like those ToT/TtT thresholds are under prediction_engines file structure, if I remember correctly they are zipped text files. Most of "old" probes use this way when you just apply new ToT/TtT settings through admin console to them

3) adminconsole-only way: some configs are in probe.cfg then all actual monitoring/thresholds are in zipped json files under probe file structure (examples are vmware and xendesktop) + also ToT/TtT in prediction_engine. No documented, official way to copy settings from a probe to another, though workaround found.

4) IM-adminconsole mixed way: probe can still be configured with either IM or AC, but those configurations are not compatible with each other, so what you have done with IM are not seen in AC. Some configs are stored in probe.cfg, those that you do with  AC are in alarms.cfg. + also ToT/TtT in prediction_engine (example here sqlserver and oracle latest versions). No idea if there are also something else new than that alarms.cfg and if that/those could be copied from a probe to another.


Are there any documented way that a user with some thousands of robots in their environment could handle all these in a proper way? = in a way we have used to: drag and drop with IM, use callback to distribute etc.


Are there any documentation about these new configuration ways? What files are used, what they include, how to copy them from a probe to another, how to include those in probe packages... So far only thing I have found fro point 4 is that pls note that those configs are not compatible, no explanation how/what/where.


If those configs are copyable then is there a documentation how to do that manually/using REST /using callbacks?


I know MCS will hide all these things under the hood, but as far as I think, that system is not yet production-ready when looked in how that is currently managed. And in the end of the day we UIM admins need to know where that information is stored, how to check what actually is there on robot/probe, how to debug etc.


OK, this could also be an idea about "pls document the changes", but hopefully a question gets some answers quicker that idea goes to production.


I am more than happy to learn that I have just not read the correct documentation yet, so if there are some knowledge about these, please let me know.