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Need to performance load testing using CA App test

Question asked by psrao on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by Joel NeSmith

Hi All,


I would like to do a load test  using CA Application test. Designed a test case that will generate JMS messages based on input sheet (Data Set - Read rows from Excel file )  i.e. each row can be a single message, and message will be placed in a JMS queue for processing by the application. I came to know that we can do performance testing by providing load using Staging document. My requirement is when we are providing n virtual users (instances ) in staging document , each user should take unique row from data set . .


That is if 30 instances are in stating document and 30 records in input sheet , each virtual user should take unique one record from data set and need to run parallely

if 15 virtual users and 30 records , each should take 2 unique records.

Could anyone please suggest on this, how can we achieve this using CA Application test.


Thanks in advance!