Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : SPS Tuning on Linux

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Question :


   I'd like to get tips on how to tune SPS running on Linux.




Environment :


Access Gateway/SPS 12.52SP1 on RedHat 6 64bit;




Answer :


   First, Access Gateway/SPS has an Apache and Tomcat modules. The following technote will give you indications about the parameters you can tune for:


   Apache Tomcat connector
   Httpclient Connection Pool


   CA Access Gateway (Secure Proxy Server): Commonly Tuned Parameters


   You will be able to get the best values by "benchmarking" in your Test or QA environment and put load on it.


   More, the section "Operating System Tuning" mentions the following:


   Sometimes Linux operating environments require tuning the shared memory
   segments. For more information about the shared memory segments and how
   to tune them, see the documentation for your particular operating environment.


  Operating System tuning for Agents


   That means that often out of the box configuration is already enough for shared memory on Linux, which is not the case with SunOS systems. That is the reason why you see only values for SunOS.


   Looking also in a RedHat 6 64bit system, by default have seen the following values :




   which are greater than the ones recommended for SunOS. You will find more documentation about RedHat Operating System here :


   RedHat Documentation - Performance tuning and shared memory


Additional Information :


   SPS - Configure the Apache settings manually


   SPS - Configure the proxy service settings manually


   SPS - Configure the Tomcat settings manually
KB : TEC1785241