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Sm_AgentApi_Init method works extremally slowly

Question asked by alexey.tsvetnitsky on Nov 29, 2016
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We have a custom siteminder agent which use SM Agent API (smagentapi.dll).

Our agent calls methods one by one like it's described in the documentation.

But sometimes the call of Sm_AgentApi_Init method works extremally slowly.


This is an usual trace, Sm_AgentApi_Init works more 3 sec, it isn't very fast but it's OK for us:

Sm_AgentApi_GetConfig executed 554.70880 ms.
Sm_AgentApi_Init executed 3,172.97340 ms.
Sm_AgentApi_SetDefaultAgentId executed 0.97660 ms.
Sm_AgentApi_IsProtected executed 146.49000 ms.
Sm_AgentApi_Login executed 431.65720 ms.
Sm_AgentApi_Logout executed 112.30900 ms.
Sm_AgentApi_FreeAttributes executed 0.97660 ms.
Sm_AgentApi_UnInit executed 0.97660 ms.
Sm_AgentApi_FreeServers executed 0.97660 ms.


but sometimes this method can work 60 sec :

Sm_AgentApi_GetConfig executed 543.96620 ms.
Sm_AgentApi_Init executed 60,946.67620 ms.
Sm_AgentApi_SetDefaultAgentId executed 0.00000 ms.
Sm_AgentApi_IsProtected executed 136.72400 ms.
Sm_AgentApi_Login executed 408.21880 ms.
Sm_AgentApi_Logout executed 142.58360 ms.
Sm_AgentApi_FreeAttributes executed 0.00000 ms.
Sm_AgentApi_UnInit executed 0.97660 ms.
Sm_AgentApi_FreeServers executed 0.00000 ms.


This method is a black box for us, we call it and don't know what this method does and why it can work slowly.

Also there is not any problem with the network because all other methods (including Login/Logout) work fast any time.

The problem is only with Init method.


Maybe somebody had such situation?

Any idea why can it work so slolwy?