PPM 15.1 - Team Allocations / New UI

Discussion created by MatthewPalicki on Nov 29, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by lmatzerath

We are getting ready to roll out the upgrade from 14.2 to 15.1. Love the new UI for lightweight project management. Totally understand that Resource Management in the new UI is down the road a stretch. But find it very troubling that currently in the new UI there is NO mechanism whatsoever to provide any sort of allocations. At a minimum, the ability to run Allocate From Estimates on your project while within the new UI should be provided.


As it is, you can create Tasks, assign them to Team Members, and provide Task ETC (still very unsure how Task ETC translates across to individual assignee ETC, especially when there are multiple assignees). But there is no way at all to create an Allocation from the new UI.


CA states something like 70% of end users are expected to be able to use the new UI for their projects. So 70% of projects will not have any team member allocations? What's the intended use case here?


I refuse to instruct them to continually jump back and forth between new UI and Classic. The OOTB job for Update Allocations from Estimates is only good if you wish to run it on ALL projects within your OBS, or specific projects by name or by manager (none of those are good options in a mixed environment). If I had more parameters to selectively run that job by a subset, perhaps it could solve the issue. But absent that, we have nothing.


Has anyone worked through this yet?