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Secondary server, keep FQDN in url

Question asked by pier-olivier.tremblay Champion on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by pier-olivier.tremblay

Hi team,


Currently trying to configure a secondary server.


Setup is :


server1 is my primary

server2 is my secondary


servicedesk-dev is a DNS entry for server2


Created a server entry in Administration -> System -> Servers with servicedesk-dev as the host_name


Original domsrvr and webengine are still on the primary server1.

Created :

- 3 domsrvr (domsrvr:11, domsrvr:12 and domsrvr:13) with servicedesk-dev as the host.

- 3 webEngine (pdmweb1.exe,pdmweb2.exe,pdmweb3.exe) with servicedesk-dev as the host.

- 1 webdirector and added it in every webEngine configuration



Everything is working fine. When i reach to http://servicedesk-dev.***.xxxxx/CAisd/pdmweb.exe, webDirector redirects me to one of these :





The problem is that it strips out the .***.xxxxx from my address.


I found this thread : Secondary Server URL Change 


I tried to update the web.url, no success.


I tried to change these files :





And modify these lines :

RedirectingURL http://$NX_LOCAL_HOST:80/CAisd/pdmweb1.exe

RedirectingURL http://$NX_LOCAL_HOST:80/CAisd/pdmweb2.exe

RedirectingURL http://$NX_LOCAL_HOST:80/CAisd/pdmweb3.exe


To :


RedirectingURL http://servicedesk-dev.***.xxxxx:80/CAisd/pdmweb1.exe

RedirectingURL http://servicedesk-dev.***.xxxxx:80/CAisd/pdmweb2.exe

RedirectingURL http://servicedesk-dev.***.xxxxx:80/CAisd/pdmweb3.exe


But every time i recycle, the files are updated and my changes are lost.


Anyone can help me?