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Manage changing capacity with generic resources

Question asked by Pilarfr on Dec 1, 2016
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I have a PPM client with the following situation:


They use generic resources instead of named ones, that is, they create a resource in PPM let´s say resource A that can represent more than one resource in the real life, for example, if they have 3 persons to work the resource will have the capacity of this 3 real resources just in one PPM resource. Also the number of  real resources is not fixed, it can change over time, that is, maybe for 2 months, there will be 2 resources available and after increase to 5 and then decrease and so on


If the number of  real resources under the generic one was fixed over the time the generic resource availability or capacity could be defined multiplying the number of resources by the number of work hours per day, for example: 3 real resources x 8 work hours/day = 24 hours/day generic resource availability.


The problem happens when the number of real resources change over the time, if they change the generic resource availability it will change the whole availability over the time and that is not what they want because the capacity will not be true. They manage the situation now using calendars and shifts but they find it difficult to mantain, so they want to know if this a better way to manage this kind of scenario or which would be the best practice to follow.


Thanks very much for your advice.


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