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Tracks Bytes In Use for the GC Heap on all agents

Question asked by FernandoSerraPT on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by musma03
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Hello guys,


We need to tracks "Bytes In Use" for the GC Heap on all agents, and if one of them equals 0 Bytes In Use, its necessary to send an email.

I will attach some images to see what we already got.





We can't see any "Bytes In Use" on Preview...   If we check the agents, they have data on "Bytes In Use".

Another thing, in the preview, the result is the sum of "Bytes In Use" of all agents?

If so, how can we do just to alert in case of one of the agents have 0 Bytes In Use ?

What we want its fire an alert in case of one of all agents reports 0 Bytes In Use.