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Firewall and ports to be opened Siteminder - Agent - SAP

Question asked by fmoro on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by Miquel-Gilibert-i-Sunye

Hello all.

In the next week we'll implement the integration between Siteminder 12.51 and SAP.

To obtain it, as for the documentation, we'll have to install an agent on a Reverse Proxy (Apache) and the modulelogin at the SAP AS. Also need to implement the SessionLinker in order to handle the sessions.


There isn't any mention about the ports that must be opened from:

- SAP AS to policy server (in the flow we saw SAP will contact the Policy Server to validate the session)

- Agent on Apache to policy server (probably the standards 44441,44442,44443,44444)

- Agent on Apache to SAP AS.

- Session Linker ports?


Strange to see a documentation that starts just to implement the objects, without before provide a list of ALL ports we need to open.

Can someone help us? We need to know the used ports :-(

Thanks all