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NSQL Filter to a Object Based Grid - how to?

Question asked by TDBecker on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by TDBecker

I'm looking for advice about new functionality we are wanting to add to our Clarity environment  (CA PPM) .  The issue is that we need to filter on attributes not on the object we want to edit. 


Here is some background:


(Hierarchy of Objects) Project -> Impact -> Impacted Subarea  (Subareas are just basically a OOTB ROLE).  The filter attributes are on the ROLE, but tied to the Impacted Subarea object.



We want to use a NSQL based portlet to Filter the Impacted Subareas.  Many of the filtering attributes are on the Subarea (ROLE), not the Impacted Subarea, so that is why we use the NSQL portlet for this step.



Then we want to be able to select one to many of resulting rows on this portlet to open an object based portlet to perform the in line edits on the attributes for the selected Impacted Subareas.  The trigger for this would be to select the rows in the Filter portlet, then click a button (EDIT?) to open a pop-up portlet.



1) User searches in NSQL portlet for Impacted Subareas using filters from ROLE object.

2) User select 1 or many resulting rows (checkbox?) and then clicks a button (EDIT?).

3) An object list portlet in a pop-up format is displayed.  All selected rows appear in grid, editable.

4) User makes updates in this portlet and clicks SAVE and RETURN.


I have started looking into the Filter Portlet, but haven't had much experience with it.


I'm not sure this is possible in Studio, but I wanted to ask before we just add these duplicated attributes to the Impacted Subarea object.


Thanks for any ideas,