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IAS IP's stored for CA-7

Question asked by Allamon on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by Roderick_Woods

I am an OPS/MVS person, we have an issue where once CA-7 has started and stored the IASAGENT DNS addresses as IP straight IP's, support will move a server and change the IP address of the server where the agents reside.  This of course causes issues.  I have been asked to develop an automated process to take care of this.


My first question is, is it possible for the IAS agent DNS addresses to be stored in memory as the DNS instead of the resulting IP?  This would take care of our issue.  We have less than 50 agents, so if a call was made to the DN server each time they are accessed it is not going to produce any significant overhead. 


Otherwise, it looks like message "CAIAS1105I Unknown agent xxxxxxxxxx attempting to connect" can be captured by OPS.   I can ping the agent server and if there is a way to display the IP that is stored in CA-7 memory they can be compared them to see if they have changed, then issue the reconfig command.  My understanding is that the reconfig command can be only be issued 5 times before the CA-7 task has to be cycled, is this correct?


Any other thoughts to fix the situation would be appreciated.  Otherwise I will create to the process to issue the reconfig.  it would be beneficial if there was a way to display the IP addresses stored in memory.




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