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Message size limit

Question asked by PhBrand on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2018 by Dustin Dauncey



We're experiencing some troubles finding out how we can limit on a per API basis, a message size limit.

We ran a few tests and you'll find below results.

Is this what is expected and above all is this behavior likely to change in a future version ?

We are implementing security policies for each project to use as per policy header, somewhat a mandatory policy, that will indeed include message size limitation based on project's inputs.


Test case n°Listen port max sizeio.xmlPartMaxByteslimit message sizemessage acceptedReasonImportant point Comment
3500KbKOAssertion falsified  
42.000.000 bDisabledOK   
6500KbKOAssertion falsified  
7500.000 bDisabledKOUnable to read stream  
82000KbKOUnable to read streamXwe expected that the assertion overrides the CWP
9500KbKOUnable to read streamXwe expected that the assertion overrides the CWP
102.000.000 bDisabledDisabledOK   
12500KbKOAssertion falsified  
132.000.000 bDisabledOK   
15500KbKOAssertion falsified  
16500.000 bDisabledOK Xio.xmlMaxPartBytes is ignored
172000KbOK Xio.xmlMaxPartBytes is ignored
18500KbKOAssertion falsified  
19500.000 bDisabledDisabledKOUnable to read stream  
202000KbKOUnable to read stream  
21500KbKOUnable to read stream  
222.000.000 bDisabledKOUnable to read stream  
232000KbKOUnable to read stream  
24500KbKOUnable to read stream  
25500.000 bDisabledKOUnable to read stream  
262000KbKOUnable to read stream  
27500KbKOUnable to read stream  
test message size1.038.762 bytes1.038 Kbytes