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Missing request arguments in image

Question asked by CTS_LISA on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by AnkushSharma62132828


I need an urgent help having access to request arguments in image. I am creating soap virtual service from req rsp pairs and when service is created, some of the elements are not getting captured under the “Arguments”.


Please find below the section of the request which is not getting captured.

My requirement is- I need to count the type which has value “ABC” and based on that number, I need to repeat certain tags in response.


<account number="I1111111" type="ABC" />

<account number="I2222222" type=" ABC " />

<account number="I3333333" type=" ABC " />

<account number="I4444444" type=" ABC " />


When I create the service, rest other elements are captured as Argument but for-

 <account number="I1111111" type="ABC" />, it creates argument as “account_1” and nothing for “number” and “type”. It doesn’t’ create them as an argument so I am not able to access those in my match script.


I tried with XML data protocol and to to add “number” and “type” as arguments, they get added with the full path name in request Argument list. But when I am trying to access those in match script by command, I am not getting any value returned.

String number ="soapenv_Envelope_soapenv_Body_phwv_PwmPaymentValidationRequest_validationRequestDetail_accountList_account_1_number ");


Can anyone suggest how I can achieve accessing “number” and “type” in my match script.