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How do I expose templates for Employees?

Question asked by CelsoA on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by CelsoA

Not sure why I am not finding this, so I'll put it out here.  I would like to simplify our end user's request creation process by making templates available to them.  For instance, they may have trouble determining the request area and/or assignee (we reuse our request areas therefore having a default assigned group, doesn't work for us).


I have created a request and given it a name in the template tab.  The template active flag is also marked as "Active".  I am unsure how the employee data partition will affect templates, so I updated that employee view constraint to this:

customer = or template_name is not null


The good news is, the template requests do show up in the request list.  However my expectation is to have a link with create request from template.  I seem to remember having done this in previous releases.


Thanks in advance!