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Is it possible to connect Salesforce cloud database directly to CA TDM for data modelling? Also, inserting the generated test data back to Sales force test environment?

Question asked by Jagadeesh Govindarajan on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by Jagadeesh Govindarajan

I am new to CA TDM. My client already purchased CA TDM tool for test data management.

For pilot, We are working on the below use case.

Connect to Production/UAT Salesforce instance directly using CA TDM and then generate records/insert into Salesforce TDM instance.


My Questions:

1. Salesforce is cloud  application, Is it possible to fetch multiple records from Salesforce Production environment directly?

2. Also, How we can insert multiple generated records back to Salesforce test environment?

Please help us with correct answers which would helps us better.