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How to create this data source?

Question asked by alexia_net on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by alexia_net

Hello. I have found this video on YouTube about how to create a dashboard for several devices. And i think it is very usefull. I do not understand what the guy is saying , but I understand what he is doing


CA UIM: Context Selector - YouTube


I have a question thou. A the minute 14:05 you will see that he selects a specific type of data source. How did he got it there? I have tried to arrange my data in order to obtain the same thing, but I must be doing somethign wrong. All i see are the clients, not the sections, as he has. So i can drag the CPU over the graph, for example, but only for a client. Not as he does, for a general use.

Any tips much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!