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how to transform case (uppercase/lowercase) of a value in variable context ?

Question asked by APIMGTEtudes18000094 on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by APIMGTEtudes18000094


my problem is really simple for a basic feature.


In variable context "foo" contains "bAr", I will transform case of value like this :

1) "BAR" (toupper)

2) "bar" ( tolower)

3) "Bar"( tocapitalize)


I try with "Evaluate Regular Expression" assertion but unsuccess


Regular Expression : ([a-zA-Z])(.*)

Replacement :

1) \U$1$2  -> result : UbAr

2) \L$1$2 -> result : LbAr

3) \u$1\L$2 -> result : ubLAr


Do you know the solution ? with or without "Evaluate Regular Expression"  assertion