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Drill down from a two dimensional grid portlet

Question asked by afefer01 on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2016 by Dave_3.0


Is it possible to create a link to a drill down portlet from a two dimensional grid portlet (not chart portlet) passing to the drill down portlet the metric x and y values that were clicked?

I know about the piggy-back method, but even that doesn't work in a grid portlet when I pass a metric with both x and y values concatenated - I mean, It doesn't even let me choose the link that I created in the query.

The only way is if I pass a value from one of the dimensions, (which then loses context in the drill down portlet because we either lose the y value that was clicked or the x value).


For example, if we want to see Actuals/Allocation per month per project, so I created a portlet with the columns as months and rows as projects and the metric which is shown is the calculation of Actuals/Allocation for that project and month. And when I drill down I want to see the actuals and allocation of all the project team for that project, for that month.


So you can't pass only the project ID, and you can't only pass the month key, so using an attribute from one of the dimensions is not an option.

But when I choose to pass some string concatenation of the project ID and month key, which is a metric, I don't see the link available to choose in the first portlet.


Any ideas?

Thank you