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Can not find Request with 'Search' function, works with link from e-mail

Question asked by KarolinAlbinsson on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by ss_shubha

I have a question about searching and viewing requests.


I've experienced a few times that when a request is submitted in the catalog, the request can't be found when I search the request ID using the search function in the catalog.


Although, if I use the link from the notification e-mail that was sent when the request was submitted/approved/fulfilled, the request is found. I can see the request data in db-table usm_request. 


I can also find the request by simply searching for another request, view it, and change the requestID in the URL to the requestID which I can't find the normal way. 

/.. Node=icguinode.requestprofile&Args=173169 .. /


Does anyone know why? I've seen this in both version 12.9 and 14.1