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Having an issue with the Jaspersoft installer not recognizing that the server has enough disk space

Question asked by RichFTB on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by RichFTB

I am currently trying to install Jaspersoft reporting but I am receiving an error that states:

[2016-12-14 16:13:20,976]ERROR[InstallerLog][readerrorlog:291]-16007:Minimal Disk Space Requirement Not Met


The server has more than the 10 GB recommended free space but we are also receiving alerts that the Database Server user does not have sufficient privileges and the "Jaspersoft Repository Database already exists."  The database privilege issue will be taken care of after a request to our DBA's is approved but all of these factors leave me with a few questions:


Are these all related somehow?

Does the already existing database prevent me from going further or is it causing the disk space issue?

Can you have Jaspersoft pull info from the same database that was set up for a BOXI 4.3 install to pull from?


I have been using the following documents among others searched for in docops: