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Lookup A User with a Filter applied

Question asked by j.barger on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by JussiValkonen

I have a request form that I need to do a lookup of contacts with a specific filter applied. It needs to return only the supervisors within the current cost code. I can do this with a sql statement like so:


select distinct ca_contact.contact_uuid , last_name, first_name, from 
(select distinct ca_contact.supervisor_contact_uuid from ca_contact) as t1
inner join ca_contact on ca_contact.contact_uuid = t1.supervisor_contact_uuid
inner join aud_ca_resource_cost_center on ca_contact.cost_center =
where = '2950'


I know that the dropdown gives me the ability to do a filter here:



I just can't seem to connect the dots to make the lookup actually work on the front end. 

Any help would be appreciated!