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EP Agent REST API - Log File Adapter

Question asked by dave.richards on Dec 15, 2016
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I was wondering if anyone at CA or in the community had developed a configurable log file adapter that could plug in to the REST API via the EP Agent ?


We have a use case to develop an LFA capability for applications that run in our cloud environment. As such, we don't want to use the traditional LFA which runs as a stateful plugin via the EPAgent as we don't want to put an EP Agent in a container if possible.

We want a lightweight LFA process that can run in a container wuith the application log files, and can hook into the REST API of an EP Agent that we will deploy at the server/node level (as opposed to inside every container). So we would have one/many lightweight LFAs on a node, hooking into the REST API of a single EP Agent.


Is anyone in the community or within CA APM looking at a similar idea and can share information about this ?