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Requisition Request Status and Booking Status

Question asked by Keri Taylor on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by Keri Taylor

Hello ca community, I have some questions on Requisitions.


We use formal Requisitions. We also use mixed bookings.

Allow Mixed Booking in settings to "checked"

Has anyone had any luck creating a process that:

1. Auto Opens a requisition (system action)

2. Updates the Request Status to Booked (gel)

3. Updates the Booking Status to Hard (gel)


I have created a process however, the Booking Status changes back to Soft booking after running a xog to change booking status to Hard. 

<Resource bookingStatus="15" resourceID="${row.requirementId}">

I have tried using GEL script and xogging the data and i have also tried using an update statement. The xog does change the status to mixed (10) but doesn't change to hard (15). 

<Resource bookingStatus="10" resourceID="${row.requirementId}">

So i tried to change to mixed and then another script to change to hard using an update statement. it just changes back to soft. 

UPDATE prteam
SET prbooking = 15
WHERE prbooking = 10
AND prprojectid = ${projectId}
AND prresourceid = ${resourceId}


Question - what impact will we have in the system, if we uncheck the mixed booking in settings? Is it as easy as just unchecking? Are we needing to update the current Booking Status on all teams on all projects? ie. if mixed change to soft or hard? I know there will only be allocations and no soft/hard allocations. If we don't formally check as RM's the allocation dates, segments and % allocations that the PM enters, why even have as formal requisitions process at all?


Thank you for any insights. Much appreciated!