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scoreboard list does not show all tickets after sorting a column

Question asked by TheKatherine on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by J_W

1. I created a stored query (SSS Tech L1 Tickets) to show all open tickets (requests and incidents) assigned to a specific group (Tech L1 Analyst) and assignee field empty

active = 1 and group.last_name = \'Tech L1 Analyst\' and status != \'RE\' and (assignee IS NULL)

2. I customized my scoreboard to show a folder using the above query

clicked on File > Customize Scoreboard

set the Node Label to SSS Tech L1

set the Node's Stored Query to SSS Tech L1 Tickets

clicked on the Add New Node button and then the Finished button

3. When I go to my scoreboard and click on the newly created node/folder (SSS Tech L1) it shows in parentheses the number of tickets is (23) and on the right screen there are 23 tickets listed ... see image (Scoreboard List  - Before Sorting)

4. If I click on any of the column headers (priority, open date, status, affected end user) to sort the list then the list of tickets on the right side sorts by that column however, the list of tickets is no longer showing all the tickets  - instead it is only showing the request tickets ... see image (Scoreboard List - After Sorting)


Is this because you can't have Requests and Incidents together in the same folder on the scoreboard? Am I missing something or is this maybe a bug?


Any help would be appreciated.