CA Test Data Manager 4.0 GA Announcement

Discussion created by mugab01 Employee on Dec 16, 2016

We are pleased to announce general availability of CA Test Data Manager 4.0. The summary of the marquee features is listed below but the detailed description can be found in Release Notes   


Improved customer experience for IMS Masking

64bit Data Generation engine enhancements

◦      Support for multiple connection profiles and/or schemas in single publish

◦      Support for non-blocking asynchronous host actions

◦      Publish Data to Excel files

◦      Support for stored SQL

◦      Overriding Default Values of Variables

◦      Being able to cancel publish jobs

Ease of managing TDM Project using portal

◦     Automatic Selection of the Last-Accessed Project in the Portal

◦     Copying Publishing Actions and CA ARD Flows During Version Upgrade

CA TDM Portal Tester Self-Service

◦      Test Data Engineer can configure to show Repeat count field

Fast Data Masker

◦      Support for Turkish local masking functions 

◦      New masking options for hash values and keys

Installation and Administration

Support for JRE 1.8