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Tcp protocol for vsi

Question asked by suniti on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by deoma03

I created a vsi by recording and protocol involved is Tcp. I recorded one flow and got 3 operation in my vsi. Request, 4732 and 4700. I successfully deployed my vsm. Now whenever iam firing a request. Response from Request operation i picked up. 4732 and 4700 operation response data is never used. Even though iam firing appropriate data meant for each if i delete Request operation from my vsi and redeploy and fire a request using either 4732 data or 4700 data i get message on vse no match found. I tried and renamed my 4732 operation as Request and hit my service again it started working fine.


Please i want suggestions, i want each operation to be called when i use respective data meant for each operation.Thanks in advance for your help