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LDAP Merge, Operation Failed

Question asked by DerekNielson on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2016 by DerekNielson

Hi there,


When attempting to do the merge LDAP functionality in CA SDM (14.1.03) I receive the following error:



12/19 17:59:20.88 WPDHSWEBL35    ldap_agent_nxd       4776 ERROR        ldap_agent.c           712 LDAP_Agent not enabled


When running PDM_LDAP_TEST the following is returned:


However, basic LDAP functions are working fine. You can login to the system with LDAP credentials. SSO is working against LDAP. But none the less the merge functionality is not working and LDAP test is resulting in the above error.


I assume this is a file setting or role/features of Windows that needs to be setup for this to function correctly.


Any thoughts?


Many thanks,