CA APM symbiotic relationship with Splunk?

Discussion created by bwcole on Dec 20, 2016
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So, it has come to pass.  Our company's Splunk team has been joined with the CA APM/CEM/UIM and HP SiteScope team to form an Enterprise Monitoring team.


Last year, I posted the first shot into this topic and had no responses, maybe this time, someone has cut through the jungles, trail blazed a path that they will share.


Log Analytics - Splunk and Gartner APM MQ 2014 report 


My general view is that if CA APM does not author, direct, join the story of CA APM and Splunk then someone else will



What is CA's integration answer for integrating Splunk to APM?  


What are the factors would need to be reviewed and discovered in Splunk or APM during the integration effort?


Is there or can there be a symbiotic relationship between CA APM and Splunk or are they on a collision course?


<Please, no "what ever you want it to do" because I don't know and if left to our own devices, one or the other will suffer in the light of the other>


My history is very heavy in APM (5+ years), and very light in Splunk (< 1 year) terms and features.  


Other APM vendor stories with Splunk:


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