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CA APM-SiteMinder -Metric Group Expression

Question asked by AnandKaturi on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by musma03

We have CA APM configured on our SiteMinder Policy servers.I'm trying to create a metric groupping based on host name of the machine as we would like to have dashboards showing some of the metrics just for production servers..


The following expression works fine for the Metric grouping:


Currently in order to have a only a set of policy servers in Metric grouping i had to define 3 separate Metric expressions as follows:

SiteMinder\|Policy Server\|XX00Pyyy8[7-8]\|Operations:Responses Per Interval

SiteMinder\|Policy Server\|XX00pyyy9[7-8]\|Operations:Responses Per Interval

SiteMinder\|Policy Server\|XX00pyyy500]\|Operations:Responses Per Interval


Note: The ManagementModuler Agent Expression for the above filter is (.*)\|(.*)\|(.*)


I would like to know if i can define a Metric expression something like:

SiteMinder\|Policy Server\|XX00p*\|Operations:Responses Per Interval


as all our servers in a particular DC have same syntax with numbers changing at the end. i tried the following but none of them are working:


SiteMinder\|Policy Server\|XX00*\|Operations:Responses Per Interval 


SiteMinder\|Policy Server\|^XX00*\|Operations:Responses Per Interval ( server name starting with XX00


SiteMinder\|Policy Server\|\|Operations:Responses Per Interval


Similarly for CPU, Agent expression if i have the following it works:


XX00Pyyy8[7-8]\|(.*)   OSResource\|Processor\|Processor _Total:(.*)

XX00Pyyy9[0-5]\|(.*)   OSResource\|Processor\|Processor _Total:(.*)


Instead i want something like

XX00P*\|(.*)   OSResource\|Processor\|Processor _Total:(.*)